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by Eseandre Mordi on June 11, 2021

Many people believe that there is no perfect swimwear. This statement is true and untrue. While not one swimwear is ideal for everyone, there is the right swimwear unique to a person. Everyone has different shapes and body sizes, and no two people have the same body features. Because of the uniqueness of everyone's body, choosing the right swimwear is relative to people. Let's look at brilliant approaches to selecting the proper swimwear for anyone.


1. Body type

It is the most important criteria for picking swimwear. You have to understand your body shape and what you want to look like (features to accentuate or reduce) before buying swimwear. The hourglass is a curvy body with a defined waist, and any swimsuit is ideal. There are four other unique body types.

Inverted Triangle: The hip is smaller than the shoulder and bust. The best swimwear will be one that will accentuate your lower body or minimize your upper body. The perfect selection will be one with wide straps, patterns, side stripes, and usually, have skirts.
Triangle: The shoulder and bust are smaller than the hips. With this body type, you might consider swimwear that will reduce the attention on your lower body. The proper selection will be one with bust detailing and a shapely neckline or front zipper.
Rectangle: The shoulder width and hip are balanced, but the waist is undefined (slightly smaller). The goal is to get a defined waistline that will help create curves. The perfect selection of swimwear will be one with princess seams, draping, belts, and lingerie straps and can help create curves. Swimwears with ruffles on the chest or padded cups will accentuate the bust.
Circle: The waist is larger than the hip and bust. The goal is to achieve a slimming waistline. Swimwears with side shirring or a fascinating neckline can help you have a busty look. Swimwears with a high back, peplum, tummy control panel, belts, and princess seam can help define the waist.

2. Comfort

When selecting swimwear, pick one that you'll be comfortable in and not self-conscious. Consider the comfort when exposed to the sun and when you are in the water. Check the fabric and do away with materials that react with your skin, no matter how stylish they are. Also, check the fabric for thinness, a very thin fabric tends to get baggy when you enter the water, and it won't be comfortable. Comfort is the key to a fantastic beach or pool-side experience.

3. Color and pattern

There are some swimwear colors and patterns that are perfect for a particular skin tone over the others. Your color preference is also an important consideration; do you want something bold, fun, or neutral?  Fun colors can lighten the mood of a place, and neutral colors (like black) can be very classy. Putting the body type in consideration, triangle body type people should consider darker colors for their bikini bottom so their bust can attract attention. For circle body type, vertical color block gives a curvy illusion. The pattern is a way of gaining attention; flowery patterns are catchy and relaxing, while diagonal patterns help portray a curvy body.  

4. Picture perfect

When we go to fun places like the beach or a pool party, we like to keep memories; what better way is there for storing beautiful memories than pictures. Apart from memories, we want to share with our friends and social media about our experience. It will be disheartening to be without a picture because you didn't feel good about your swimwear. The perfect swimwear should be photogenic; the colors, patterns, and style should be good enough for social media and print pictures.  

5. Confidence

Confidence comes when you look good and feel comfortable. The right swimwear will always make you confident. Without it, you won't have a fun experience. Your swimwear should speak your message; whether you want to show that you are curvy, fun, classy, or romantic, pick one that will portray your feelings.

6. Amount of coverage

Everyone has their desired amount of coverage they want when buying swimwear, which is vital for comfort. If you get coerced to buy another swimwear with a different coverage level because of size, color, or friend, you won't have a comfortable outing. You can go for a bikini top and bottom, a tankini top, or a swimsuit, depending on your preference. You can also get a cover-up for situations where you feel exposed, like the trip to the beach or when you are not in the water.

7. Try, look and buy

The final step to picking swimwear is to test it. Seeing it gives you an idea, but testing the swimwear enables you to know the exact look on your body. You get the opportunity to flatter yourself first by taking a good view in front of a full-length mirror.

One of the most challenging tasks in life is selecting among numerous choices. When picking swimwear, you don't just want to swim with it; you want to look attractive too, so consider these steps when you go shopping for swimwear.

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