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5 amazing facts about plus-size models

by Kanessa USA on June 27, 2021

Modelling in the plus-size industry is changing. The fashion world seems to be getting bored of thin models. It is trying to be inclusive, but the fashion industry still has a long way to go as regards diversity and size representation.

  Photo by VOL Magazine

According to research by Modcloth, 57% of American women purchase most of their clothing in size 16 and above. Also, women who wear size 16 and above clothing saying they buy more of their clothes online. These statistics show the importance of plus-size models in the fashion industry.

Plus-size models are becoming more popular by the day. They are becoming stars and breaking barriers daily. However, there are so many stereotypes about them. Most of these stereotypes are not nice and simply unfair. For example, people joke that plus-size models don’t care about their bodies, this is very untrue. Just like other career-minded women, plus-size models have routines they follow and stick to in order to succeed in the fashion industry. 

   Photo by VOL Magazine

In this post, we will tell you amazing facts about plus-size models. We would also debunk certain stereotypes. 

Here are some things you don't know about plus-size models. 


  • They have healthy bodies

  • This has always a topic for debate or discussion. It is a popular belief that plus-size models are not healthy however, the opposite is the case. The word plus-size does not mean unhealthy. These models understand that by having healthy bodies they would keep getting deals from agencies. So,  they not only eat the healthiest of foods, but they also exercise. 
    They stay active every day by adhering to their workout routines. They also do what they love when it comes to fitness. They do exercises they love doing. This just shows that there’s no use torturing yourself daily when there are so many other options.
         Photo by VOL Magazine
  • They wear padding
  • All kinds of tips and tricks are used to make clothing look exceptional on models. Wearing padding is a trick that industry insiders use to make clothes fit and look exceptional. Yes, dear! I'm as shocked as you are. The truth is clothing is not a one size fits all like we are told. The extra padding is to give body proportion. Models routinely pad their bras, shoulder, and even their butts to make any outfit look good. 


  • Plus-size models are good for self-esteem

  • A study carried out by Florida State University, published in the journal communication Monograph showed improved psychological health in women after they viewed images of plus-size models. The participants of the study were women who said they all wanted to be thinner. They were then showed different images of thin, average-sized, and plus-sized fashion models. Their psychological responses were noted. The researchers found out that there was a clear psychological advantage when the women saw a more realistic body type than the traditional thin model. This psychological advantage came about because these women were seen to compare themselves less and even felt better about their bodies when they saw images of plus-size women. 


  • Plus-size models don't work out to change their bodies. 

  • People usually believe that plus-size models can only work out certain areas in their bodies or that they work out to change their body structure. This is false. The goal of any plus-size model is not to change her looks but to stay healthy and feel good. They work out all areas of their body to achieve a toned look and keep the curvy intact. 
         Photo by VOL Magazine
  • Super-size model is a thing

    Models bigger than size 24 are called Supersize. Normally, the average model weight is about half that size. Usually, women fall between sizes 6 and 16. Although this classification is used to depict a larger size, plus-size models don’t like to be referred to as supersize models. Fact is, they don't even like to be referred to as a plus size. They do the same work as other models and so would rather be simply known as models without the word plus. 
    Plus-size models are the queen balance, they know how to have fun. Life is not all about being fit and perfect. They know the value of life and celebrations, which is why they know when to break their diet or say no to an early morning workout. Life is unpredictable so, we need to let loose once in a while. We can take a cue from this and live life as it comes. Have drinks with friends, indulge in certain things at times. The key is moderation.
     Photo by VOL Magazine
    • Bottom line
    The fashion world is still slow to accept that thin model shouldn't be the standard. The fashion industry still has a long way to go as regards size representation and diversity. Although we have seen significant strides over the years with magazines featuring plus-size models there are still so many loopholes yet to be filled. 

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